Slow, atmospheric ambient music to soothe your soul.


Slow and drifting.
Peaceful and uplifting.

Two connected pieces of expansive yet deeply ambient music inspired by a few days in Aruba.

Delta Harmonics - An introduction to Theta Wave Orchestra

A collection of drifting experimental ambient soundscapes.
A little taste of every release so far and a hint of what is to come.

The idea for this project came over the summer of 2018. I wanted to explore minimal soundscapes, especially using synthesizers. Unknowingly, I was drawing on the ambient music of the 1990s such as Namlook and Global Communication.

The music uses layers of synths patches and evolves slowly. The sound fills the whole space.

The project was secret for a while (or rather, I didn't tell anyone it was me). This gave me time to explore and find an identity for this project. Now that I know what this thing is, I am happy to put my name to it.

This has been an inspiring project to work on. I hope you enjoy it to. There is much more to come.